Our Story

The Best Things In Life Are Often The Simplest!

From a hotpot on the stove after a long day’s work to the gentle hum of conversation at the family table. At Arley Foods, we believe that making a positive change to your diet should be as easy as possible. We create simple, tasty and healthy plant-based alternatives to home-cooked classics loved by the whole family. Not just great taste, but better for your health and the environment too! Arley's is made without compromise by people who care about you and the world we live in as much as you do.



Our mission is simple — quality comes first! So, from plant to packaging we make sure we bring our customers the products with the best possible taste and texture to be enjoyed time and time again!


Great food has the power to bring people together; we believe in creating meals that make everyone happy.


We’re real and so is our food; Exactly as it says on the label! No gimmicks or science fiction, just simple, healthy, tasty classics made from plants.